Commercial Cleaning Services

C&R Janitorial Services offers specialized commercial cleaning services that include commercial carpet cleaning, disinfection services and high dusting.  Schedule an appointment with us today!


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Office Cleaning

From a single, one-person office to a multi-level corporate headquarters, C & R Janitorial provides services that can be easily customized or scaled to your needs and budget. We can help you have a space that’s safer, tidier, and more productive.

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Commercial Cleaning Services

Every business is different, but C & R Janitorial always delivers the same results. Anything from light custodial services to deep cleanings are on the menu. Our scalable services ensure that everyone has the opportunity to work in a well-maintained environment.

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Bars & Restaurants

The consequences of less-than-perfect cleaning in the food and beverage industry can be catastrophic. We can clean and sanitize everything from the front door to the very back of your walk-in using industry-standard, food-contact safe sanitizers. Your patrons will notice the difference.

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Retail Spaces

Increased foot traffic is what you need, and we’re ready to clean up after all those feet. Our customized commercial cleaning services solutions are ready to deliver the level of cleaning that you need to always maintain a well-managed appearance.

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Condos & Rental Properties

Let’s work together to establish a plan the help you keep your property clean so you can retain your existing tenants and continue to attract new ones. We’ll work alongside property managers, building owners and maintenance staff to deliver seamless, effective janitorial services for your long-term tenants or short-term guests.

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Standard Janitorial Services

What level of commercial cleaning services will make the difference in your operation? C & R Janitorial offers 24/7 service that you can use every day or just as needed. Let’s customize a plan that gives your operation the clean look and feel it deserves.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We offer the highest quality and value in our professional carpet cleaning services.  Here are just a few of the commercial carpet cleaning services we offer:

  • Office carpet cleaning
  • Retail carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning & vacuuming
  • Carpet stain removal
  • Commercial carpet steam cleaning
  • Incapsulation carpet cleaning
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Carpet deodorizing
  • Flood damage carpet cleaning
  • General carpet maintenance

Office Cleaning Services

Our professional office cleaning services services focus on all areas of your business including common areas, bullpens, cubicles, private work areas, kitchens, bathrooms, break areas, boardrooms, lobbies, reception, and everything in between.

Our team will work with you to build a comprehensive cleaning plan that may include:

  • Dusting work areas, curtains, blinds, decor
  • Floor cleaning & vacuuming
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Sanitation of doorknobs, railings, buttons
  • Wall, ceiling, and carpet cleaning
  • Removal of wastes, garbage, and recycling
  • Cleaning of furniture, computer areas, mirrors
  • Glass and wood polish and shining
  • Freshen the air and removal of smells
  • General custodial and janitorial services

Disinfection Services

C&R Janitorial Services offers the best in professional deep disinfection services and sanitization services and Fogging in the market.
From one-time proactive cleaning and ongoing programs, to performing work after someone has tested positive to the virus, we cater to all your needs at very cost-effective budget.
Our staff are fully trained and experienced to effectively disinfect, sanitize and or decontaminate any work-space, large or small.
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    Strip and Wax Floors

    C&R Janitorial Services will guide you through our method of stripping and waxing floors to the point where the floor surface finish appears nearly flawless. We have perfected the art of strip and wax floors services and have been professionally serving our clients of all sizes for nearly two decades with commercial cleaning services.

    • We offer strip and wax floors services for diverse properties like office buildings, retail spaces medical offices and schools
    • Our floor care services include stripping, waxing, sealing, buffing and more
    • We’ll keep your floors crystal clean and shiny at all times
    • Our professional floor cleaning staff are professionally trained and fully licensed

    Window Cleaning

    Are you looking for the professional commercial window cleaning services?  If so, C&R Janitorial Services commercial cleaning services is at your service and available 24/7.

    These commercial window cleaning services include:

    • Highest quality window cleaning solution
    • Modern cleaning equipment
    • Professional window cleaning scrapers
    • Commercial grade utility buckets
    • Microfiber cloths and much more

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    Post Construction Cleaning

    With C&R Janitorial Services, you will receive premier and professional post construction cleaning services at your buildings construction site. Our team of highly trained commercial cleaners are specialized and equipped with all of the necessary equipment, knowledge, and products to quickly and efficiently perform post consctruction cleaning.

    At builder’s sites where construction and finishing are in progress or about to be completed, we conduct post-construction cleaning in a fast and efficient manner with some of the most affordable rates in Ontario.

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    Office Cleaning

    Office Cleaning Services

    C & R Janitorial has been providing professional office cleaning for many years. You can scale our service offerings to meet your needs for a single person or large corporate headquarters through customization of each individual task according to size specifications–or just have them clean everything in between! Our goal is always safety while maximizing productivity with every space being cleaned so that you get the most out of your day-to-day

    Affordable solutions to make sure your workspace is safe, sanitary, and clutter-free! We specialize in all areas needed for a business like kitchens or bathrooms as well as private workspaces such as cubicles & break rooms so that every employee feels comfortable.

    The best part? You’ll find everything priced according to your budget.

    What Our Costumers Say About Us – Commercial Cleaning

    Based on 10 reviews
    Chess Growth Media
    Chess Growth Media
    Outstanding commercial cleaning service. If you're looking for a professional office cleaning service, call C&R Janitorial Services. These guys are the best!!!
    Andrew Ianni
    Andrew Ianni
    Edwin and his team have been great at keeping our office looking clean.
    Marcio Negrao
    Marcio Negrao
    Consistent, High quality service.
    Kazi Shams
    Kazi Shams
    Absolutely outstanding overall. Good attention to detail, amazing customer service and always with a smile on their face. We use their services for a commercial space and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.
    Alexis Caro
    Alexis Caro
    Excellent cleaning and disinfection services. Exceptional customer services. 100 percent recommended.
    juan camilo ramirez muñoz
    juan camilo ramirez muñoz
    Very responsible, reliable and excellent customer service. I’ve worked with many cleaning companies and the great job they did is not even comparable with others.