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Professional Window Cleaning

Are you searching for professional commercial window cleaning services? If so, then C&R Janitorial Services is here to serve your business and is available 24/7.  We understand the importance of maintaining the high quality look and feel of your business to customers. This is why we offer the most convenient and affordable commercial window cleaning service in the area.

We all know the GTA has a high degree of air pollutants which makes window cleaners an essential part of any business’ cleaning regimen. Companies throughout the GTA hire C&R Janitorial Services to tackle even the toughest of commercial window cleaning situations.

C&R Janitorial Services will guide you through our commercial window cleaning methods that have proven to deliver crystal clear windows to all of our customers.  We have perfected the art of professional window cleaning and have been professionally serving our clients of all sizes for nearly two decades.

Here is just some of what our commercial window cleaning services have to offer:


Highest quality window cleaning solutions


Modern window cleaning equipment


Professional window cleaning scrapers


Commercial grade utility buckets


Microfiber cloths and much more

Our commercial window cleaning services are available across Burlington, Cambridge, Hamilton, St. Catharines, Milton, Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York, Toronto, Vaughan and Scarborough.

C & R Janitorial Services is licensed and fully bonded and insured to provide you with professional janitorial services. Our highly experienced team is reliable and has the expertise to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

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Searching For Window Cleaning Services Near Me?

Commercial window washing with C&R Janitorial Services comes with alot of benefits. If you want to have peace of mind that your business will always look sharp and professional contact C&R Janitorial Services at 289-288-3635 now for your commercial window cleaning needs.

Our carefully selected, trustworthy and highly-trained professionals at C & R Janitorial Services provide the most advanced commercial window cleaning services available for all commercial and retail window cleaning



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Our Commercial Window Cleaning Method

For some busines owners, even talking about commercial window washing can be stressful and overwhelming.  Thankfully the C&R Janitorial Services window cleaning method will leave your windows sparkling and remove all worry so you can concentrate on business.

Window Washing Supplies

Our first step in our  window cleaning process is to assemble the required window cleaning supplies for your individual requirements.  These will include:

  • Powerful and high quality window washing solutions
  • Professional cleaning equipment
  • Professional window cleaning scrapers
  • Commercial cleaning utility buckets
  • Microfiber cloths and much more

Professional Window Cleaning Methods We Use

Window pressure washing
At C&R Janitorial Services our goal is to provide the highest quality window washing service in the GTA.  This is why we use treated water and powerful but safe solutions in our window pressure washing services.  Our experienced team will leave your windows clean and the surrounding environment smelling fresh.

Water fed pole system
No need for concern if you have a multi-floor building because our water fed pole system can do the trick. It allows us to clean higher windows efficiently.

The hand clean method
C&R Janitorial Services will only use high-quality detergents for maximum hygiene  and window cleaning perfection. We always do our best to leave your windows spotless with our experiences squeegee technique. Our goal is to remove all grease and dirt efficiently. This process will include:

The rubbing & scrubbing stage:
We will rub and scrub out all the tough stains and grease marks on your windows to leave your building’s windows clean and clear.

The drying out stage:
We will ensure that all of the corners of your windows have been completely dried out to deliver that clean and shiny look.

The final touch:
When the professional window cleaning is complete, our commercial cleaners will inspect the windows and provide a final wipe when necessary.  C&R Janitorial Service never compromises on quality.

Contact us today to schedule commercial window cleaning at your location.

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Commercial Window Cleaning For Specific Businesses

Every business type has its own unique requirements for commercial window washing.

As expected, restaurants are obviously greatly affected by moisture, grease and oil. Bi-weekly professional window cleanings are highly recommended.

Healthcare facilities
As far as hospitals go, cleanliness is key. At a minimum, monthly window washings are recommended.

Storefront window washing
For shop owners, your storefront windows are your first impression to passers by.  Commercial window cleaning should be done as needed.

Retail store window cleaning
Busy retail stores with high daily traffic tend to accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. It is suggested to have commercial window washing services at least once in a month.

Office buildings
Every office building will have unique window washing requirements. C&R Janitorial Services will analyze your specific window cleaning requirements and schedule our professional commercial office window cleanings accordingly.

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Factors Affecting Your Window Cleaning Schedule

There are definitely factors that can greatly affect your professional window washing schedule.


Location matters! If you are located in a busy high traffic area, obviously your building will get dirtier than low traffic areas.


Landscaping can play an important part in how dirty and how quickly your windows get dirty. If your building is close to the parking lot or there are lots of trees nearby, you will need commercial window washing more often.


If your business is in an area that experiences alot of rain and wind, your windows will of course be subject to a high amount of debris and water streaks.

Contact us for a commercial cleaning quote today!

C&R Janitorial Services

With over a decade of experience, we are known to provide excellent service in Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, and Oakville. Our services are also available in other nearby areas like North York, Toronto, Peeletc.

C & R Janitorial 

  • Reliable & trained staff
  • High-end Technology
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Latest Equipment and Machinery

We have always believed in long-term partnerships with our clients. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote for office cleaning service in Hamilton, Milton, Burlington, Oakville, and nearby areas.

We also provide free consultation for Office cleaning services in Oakville, Hamilton, Milton, and Burlington.

Most of our clients have been with us for many years which surely talks about our quality of service.  We will be more than happy to serve you.

We have been a trusted partner for Office cleaning with many clients over the last decade.

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Chess Growth Media
Chess Growth Media
Outstanding commercial cleaning service. If you're looking for a professional office cleaning service, call C&R Janitorial Services. These guys are the best!!!
Andrew Ianni
Andrew Ianni
Edwin and his team have been great at keeping our office looking clean.
Marcio Negrao
Marcio Negrao
Consistent, High quality service.
Kazi Shams
Kazi Shams
Absolutely outstanding overall. Good attention to detail, amazing customer service and always with a smile on their face. We use their services for a commercial space and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone.
Alexis Caro
Alexis Caro
Excellent cleaning and disinfection services. Exceptional customer services. 100 percent recommended.
juan camilo ramirez muñoz
juan camilo ramirez muñoz
Very responsible, reliable and excellent customer service. I’ve worked with many cleaning companies and the great job they did is not even comparable with others.