Commercial Cleaning For Hybrid Workspaces

In the age of COVID-19, workplaces are shifting to remote, hybrid, and flexible work models. Have you considered your commercial cleaning strategy to foster a healthy co-working office space?
The pandemic, and the demand for flexible workspaces, has shifted our belief of what an “office” looks like. Cleaning is at the forefront of maintaining a healthy co-working office space and commercial cleaning services are in high demand.
As we continue to evolve toward a post-pandemic world, will cleaning remain a top priority? We believe that professional commercial cleaning services will remain valuable as we learn to share space comfortably again. A heightened awareness of hygiene and cleanliness is likely to persist despite COVID-19 or not.
Before we get too far, let’s define what a “hybrid workspace” is…

What are Hybrid Workspaces?

For commercial cleaning services, a hybrid office is a flexible workplace model that’s designed to support both in-office and remote workers. Usually, no desks or offices in the workspace are assigned – instead, they’re viewed as a common resource that anyone can use. Many refer to this kind of office model as “landing spaces”.
There are some companies (like WeWork) taking shared office spaces to the next level. They offer a desk or block of desks for rent at a daily or monthly rate. However, the renter (or business occupying the space) does not have to pay overhead at the building in terms of real estate cost, utilities, security, and so on.

5 Reasons why Commercial Cleaning is Important for Hybrid Workspaces:

1) Desk swapping means (potentially) germ swapping!

As we start to work in shared spaces, the comfort level around germs and infection control will be a challenge. Those who are working in-office one day may work from home the next. However, the desk that the employee sat at on Monday may be occupied by another team member every other day of the week.
This consistent movement is a breeding ground for germs, especially with employees who may not be in the habit of cleaning their workspace every day. Microbes, like the common cold, can stay on hard surfaces for hours (or days).  A key reason as to why commercial cleaning services are so important these days.

2) Healthy Employees and Customers/Clients

Prioritizing the health of your employees is a practice that makes good business sense. Less illness means less lost time. Increase the overall productivity of your staff by making sure that they are using a healthy co-working office space at all times. Professional commercial cleaning services can make things a lot easier to ensure that your space is as healthy as possible!
In terms of your customers, it’s as much about optics as it is about ensuring that people who are in and out of your business remain healthy. You don’t want to be at a workplace that feels unhygienic or had questionable safety practices. Making sure that your space feels safe and clean is an incredibly important piece of displaying your values as an employer and as a business.

3) Set your Cleaning Schedule

Professional commercial cleaning services are flexible and can often enter your workspace and clean at a time that’s convenient for you and your staff. Reduce interruptions with cleaning processes and make sure that the schedule works for your business. For example, if your hybrid workspace is always closed evenings after 10 p.m. and on weekends, you can have a commercial cleaning services crew in on the downtime to prep everything for the next day (or too deep clean ahead of Monday).

4) Devote Time & Attention Elsewhere

Once your professional commercial cleaning services are set up and briefed on what you’d like completed (and when) – you can spend the time that you used worrying about cleanliness and focus it somewhere else. Focus your energy on new business, maximizing time with your staff, and developing innovative ideas beyond the hygiene of your hybrid office.

5) More than just COVID-19 Cleaning

The flu, cold, norovirus, RSV, and more. These are some of the common illnesses found in the workplace (beyond COVID-19). While it may feel that the threat of the pandemic is slowly fading, other seasonal illnesses will continue to stick around. Professional commercial cleaning services are the best way to beat those bugs and ensure a healthy co-working office space.
Creating healthier employees means supporting their happiness. A spotlight on hygiene is just step number one to make sure that they feel cared for.

What can I expect from Professional Commercial Cleaning Services?

Professional cleaning companies, like C&R Janitorial Services, offer the potential to focus cleaning efforts on all areas of your business including common areas, bullpens, cubicles, private work areas, kitchens, bathrooms, break areas, boardrooms, lobbies, reception, and more.
Services and frequency of cleaning visits can be dependent on your business’s budget. You can also gather free quotes from several companies and decide which seems to fit best for your hybrid office space.

Are you a hybrid workspace in the Toronto area? Contact C&R Janitorial Services today for a FREE quote!

Professional and efficient hybrid office space cleaning is just a click or phone call away. If you’re located in the GTA or the surrounding area, C&R Janitorial Services is here to provide you with the best options for your business.
C&R Janitorial Services is also experienced in cleaning various sizes of businesses including single office spaces to multi-level corporate headquarters. Scale our products and services to your needs!
A comprehensive hybrid office cleaning plan could include:
● A dusting of the entire office
● Floor cleaning or vacuuming
● Window cleaning (interior and exterior)
● Sanitation of doorknobs, railings, buttons, and other high-traffic areas
● Wall, ceiling, and carpet cleaning
● Removal of waste and recycling
● Furniture and computer area cleaning
● Air freshening and smell removal
● Other general custodial and janitorial services

The C&R Janitorial Services team has over a decade of experience and we’re ready to put it to good use for you and your business! Learn more today by asking for your free quote to keep your hybrid workspace clean, healthy, and productive moving into 2022.