5 Great Commercial Window Cleaning Tips For Your Business

Commercial window cleaning Companies received far fewer calls during the pandemic.  Most business offices were shut down and employees were forced to work remotely. This meant that many people did most of their work from home. However, offices spaces and buildings were not used as often for office space. many people even changed careers and moved to the suburbs.

Many of our clients called us to work in their offices even though there were empty. Like many businesses, we found it difficult to operate as usual because it was impossible to meet with clients. Many people were reluctant to have in-person contact for fear of catching the virus.

So, we came up with a list of commercial window cleaning tips to help keep the windows of your business looking great!!

Commercial Window Cleaning Tip #1: Use suction cups instead of tape to attach things to windows

When adding banners, paper, or boards to windows, there are many options. Different items can have different effects on glass and not all materials work the same. Although professionals can clean glass, not all items will work as well. Some glues and pastes may work, but we recommend they use suction cups. They are non-staining, last a long time, and can be removed easily if they need to make a change.

Commercial Window Cleaning Tip #2: Never hose down windows as it can lead to hard water spots

Different areas of the country may have different water types, which can leave stains on the glass. Some stains are easy to remove, while others can be difficult to get out and may need to be replaced. Professional window cleaners are recommended.

Commercial Window Cleaning Tip #3: Install drip irrigation or adjust sprinklers near windows to protect them against hard water deposits

We noticed in many homes that windows connected to or near the garden were having issues. Sometimes the water from the sprinklers would splash onto the floor near the window, leaving mud marks and water spots on the glass. It is important to ensure that sprinklers do not aim at windows. If water falls nearby, it may be worth rearranging them to protect the windows.

Commercial Window Cleaning Tip #4: To keep trees and shrubs clean and tidy, keep them away from windows.

Water can also get through your windows, but you should also be concerned about dust and leaves getting on your window panes. Regular cleaning of your windows is important to prevent them from getting stained that will be difficult to remove later. If you want to spend less time cleaning and maintaining your windows, keep foliage and plants away.

Commercial Window Cleaning Tip #5 – Keep your windows clean to prevent dirt buildup

To avoid buildup, have your windows cleaned every other day. It is best to have your windows cleaned by a professional as often as you can. You should have them do a thorough job and not just use water and wipes to clean the windows. When cleaning windows, you should use the right liquids. You also want to use the right equipment to ensure that the windows are clean and free from scratches.

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Chess Growth Media
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Andrew Ianni
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juan camilo ramirez muñoz
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