Difference Between Commercial Cleaning Companies and Residential

One of the main keys to maintaining a clean office space or home is consistency! A non-professionally cleaned space may result in a variety of issues including allergies from dust accumulation, spider infestations, health issues from germs and decreased worker productivity.

Residential Or Commercial Cleaning Company?

You would think this to be an obvious answer. If you are looking to have your house cleaned, you’d hire a residential cleaning service. If your office requires cleaning, you would obviously hire a commercial cleaning company that specializes in office cleaning.

However, there are a few other factors to consider.

Residential Cleaning Company

Residential cleaning is, in most cases, quite different to commercial cleaning because it’s a more personal service. Residential cleaners will clean all of the rooms in your house, including bathrooms and kitchens with special attention to detail – scrubbing corners, wiping down surfaces and dusting furniture.

A residential cleaning service will, in most cases, visit with less frequency than a commercial cleaning service. The main reason is that in a home there is far less traffic. Residential cleaners will vary from a single cleaner to a team of cleaners. Also, depending on the size of the home and number of cleaners, the cleaning time can range from an hour to a day. Residential cleaners don’t usually require lengthy contracts and are far more flexible in the services they are able to provide. For example, once a week, residential cleaners may simply clean bathrooms, change bedding, floors, and dust. However on a monthly basis, they may be required to clean windows and/or clean the refrigerator. Other residential cleaning duties may include cleaning vehicles, or cleaning patio furniture.

Residential cleaners can also do some light handy work like unclogging any drains and fixing broken locks.

Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning companies tend to specialize more in cleaning office and retail spaces. In most cases, office cleaning services and retail cleaning duties are performed on a daily basis throughout the workweek. Bathrooms will be cleaned and stocked, floors vacuumed and mopped, trash is emptied, and all break rooms will be cleaned. In most cases, commercial cleaning companies will require a monthly contract or longer.

Time needed

Commercial cleaning services are typically require more time than residential because of the sheer size. It can take up to an hour to clean a single floor in one building, which is why commercial cleaners often require a monthly contract.

Deeper services

Commercial cleaners might also do deep cleaning, which these days will often include steam cleaning hard surfaces and commercial disinfection services.

Commercial office cleaning can be very different to residential cleaning. Commercial cleaners don’t just clean the floors, they also dust and sanitize all of the public spaces in a building to protect against allergens and germs. They clean all of the furniture in an office building to make it look great for the customers that visit. They also remove garbage from public spaces, perform dusting on glass surfaces with a special polish that helps maintain the sparkle. Commercial office cleaners can also offer a service where the air in your office is freshened with their special scent of choice.

Commercial cleaners are usually for businesses or offices so you can imagine they have to be more thorough. They clean everything from the floors, walls and ceilings with special attention given to hazardous waste removal, carpet steam cleaning, and light plumbing. Residential cleaners will clean more than just the surface as well as some other things like unclogging drains or repairing locks that you might need to do yourself for a home.

When choosing between commercial and residential cleaners, you should consider how thorough your needs are in determining which one to use. Commercial cleaners offer a far more robust range of services so they’re probably best for you if your needs are more complex.


Commercial cleaning services are often more expensive than residential.

When you hire a professional to clean your house, it is typically because you don’t have the time or money to do so yourself. The difference between commercial and residential cleaning is that commercial cleaners typically have to provide far more services. They will also, in most cases, be required to clean more spaces and larger spaces.

Task included in commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaners might also do deep cleaning, which these days will often include steam cleaning hard surfaces and commercial disinfection services. They will typically clean all the floors in a building to protect against allergens and bacteria, sanitizing all of the public spaces. Here are just some of the commercial office cleaning duties:

  • Dusting work areas, curtains, blinds, office décor
  • Floor cleaning & vacuuming
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Sanitation of doorknobs, railings, buttons
  • Wall, ceiling, and carpet cleaning
  • Removal of wastes, garbage, and recycling
  • Cleaning of furniture, computer areas, mirrors
  • Glass and wood polish and shining
  • Freshen the air and removal of smells
  • General custodial and janitorial services

Commercial cleaning can help keep your workforce healthy and happy

There are many services that a commercial office cleaner can offer to make this happen including dusting, floor vacuuming, window cleaning, and even the removal of odors. Commercial cleaning can also be used to help when there is a biohazardous event like blood, bodily fluids, or other substances that are not safe for people to come into contact with.

There are a few other differences between the two types of cleaning as well. For one thing, commercial cleaning often includes the ability to remove odors and sterilize surfaces, something that residential cleaning companies do not have to worry about.

Residential cleaners are different from commercial cleaners because they focus on things like dusting and vacuuming floors. There are a few other differences between the two types of cleaning as well, including the fact that residential cleaners have to be able to use a variety of different cleaners, while commercial cleaners may only need one type.

Commercial cleaning company vs Residential Cleaning company

You could say that the only real difference between commercial and residential cleaners is what they clean, but there are a few other differences that may be more important to you.

Residential cleaners:

-Can use a variety of different cleaners (including natural products) and will clean your home with the same attention to detail as the pros. They may also offer you a greater variety of options when it comes to price, time frame for the work and how often you want them to come.

-Are more likely to provide you with a personalized service that’s tailored to your needs.

Commercial cleaners:

-Will clean all the areas of your office or retail space, including those hard to reach ones.

-Are more likely to be insured and bonded, which means you are protected in the event of any damages done by your cleaner or if they steal something from your home.

-Will handle your office window cleaning to make sure they are nice and sparkling clean.

-Are qualified, have completed training requirements and are insured and bonded.

-Will provide you with a professional service, customized to your business needs.

Residential cleaners can be great for those who live in single family residences, apartments or for students living off-campus. But commercial cleaners offer a wider range of services and will be better for you if your needs are more complex.

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