Retail Store Cleaning Service

Why Is A Retail Store Cleaning Service Important?

You may be asking yourself, ” Why is having a retail Store Cleaning Service so important?” Well, according to the recent NACS/Coca-Cola Research Council report, shoppers will limit purchases if they perceive the store is not clean. Restrooms are of particular concern to most shoppers. As we all know, making a good first impression is of utmost importance to all retail store owners.  So, hiring a certified retail store Cleaning Service will professionally enhance the overall appearance of your retail store.

In retail, it a well known fact that consumers shop with their eyes and that a dirty store will turn away potential sales.. C&R Janitorial Services‘ Retail Store Cleaning Service will ensure that your store reflects the high quality of your business. We provide commercial cleaning services to retail spaces as large as corporate stores to small boutique spaces.

Retail Store Cleaning Service professional cleaning

Retail Store Cleaning Service:

Whether your retail store only requires periodic retail store cleaning or regular retail store cleaning service, we will provide top tier commercial cleaning services.  C&R Janitorial Services will create a customized commercial cleaning package that suits your particular store’s needs  Below are just a few of the services you can expect from our retail store cleaning service:

  • Professional storefront window display cleaning
  • Dusting of all store furniture and fixtures
  • Professional floor waxing
  • Commercial carpet cleaning and shampoo
  • Cleaning all shelving, glass, mirrors
  • Professional cleaning and sanitizing of restrooms
  • Professional vacuuming and mopping of all store flooring

Why Is Having a Clean Retail Store So Important?

Every successful store owner knows that professional retail store cleaning is essential to maintaining a presentable appearance for a store. It’s not only about your customers’ comfort, it’s also the key to boosting the likelihood of your customers making purchases. The 2009 NACS/Coca-Cola study determined that shoppers are more likely to limit their purchases when a commercial retail store doesn’t appear clean. This is especially important  to customers who use the store restroom, however the cleanliness of the rest of the store is always of equal importance.


How Do You Keep Your Retail Store Clean?

Well, the answer to that question is easy to answer.  The best way to keep your store clean is through retail cleaning services. Storeowners can pay a relatively small fee to hire a commercial cleaning company to clean when business is closed. a professional cleaning company will bring with them the appropriate chemicals, equipment and personnel to ensure that the store is always in pristine condition the next time it opens. With retail cleaning services, your business just may be able to sell more products and bring your retail store to the next level.


Does C&R Janitorial Services Offer Retail Store Cleaning Service?

There are many professional cleaning companies that offer retail store cleaning services and C&R Janitorial Services is among the best. We customize our packages based on the type and size of the retail store. Yet, there are some standardized practices we choose to follow for all of our clients. Our retail stores all benefit from spotless storefront windows as well as clean mirrors throughout the store.   From restrooms, to pillar-mounted mirrors and changing rooms C&R Janitorial Services will dust all fixtures and furniture and wipe down all shelving. We will also vacuum and mop all wood and tile floor surfaces.  Afterward, we will wax them to a shine. Additionally, we will shampoo all carpeting as part of our commercial carpet cleaning service. Finally, we will clean and sanitize all restrooms. Including cleaning and scrubbing all toilet bowls and urinals, cleaning sinks and sanitizing every doorknob.


Why Should You Hire C&R Janitorial Services for Retail Store Cleaning Service ?

C&R Janitorial Services is one of Ontario’s most trusted  retail store cleaning service companies. If you hire C&R Janitorial Service, you can rest assured that your store will always spotless and sanitized. Below are just some of the reasons why Retail stores trust us:

  • We are equipped with the highest quality equipment and cleaning services
  • We provide all of our customers with state of the art cleaning services
  • C&R Janitorial staff are well trained and certified
  • We provide our clients safe and professional services
  • We always provide our clients with fair and competitive retail store cleaning service rates
  • C&R Janitorial services staff are always monitored and supervised


C&R Janitorial Services offers all every commercial cleaning service a retail store could require. Our retail store cleaning services are quoted competitively and fairly  However, we pride ourselves as the best commercial cleaning company because of our excellent customer service and dedication to our craft. For more information on how to get a retail store cleaning quote from us, please contact us. Whether it is a large corporate building or a small boutique, call C&R Janitorial Services at 647-408-6447

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